apartment puerto madryn piramides peninsula valdesAmongst the options at Del Nomade and part of the same building, we have a precious gem just waiting to be occupied. Isolated from the other rooms is an apartment with its own independent entrance that occupies the entire top floor and provides excellent 360 degree panoramic views including the bay of Puerto Piramides. In the beginning this was our home, where I lived with my family. Now this special space is offered for rental for a minimum of three nights and for two people. An exclusive 80mt2 apartment where some of the best views of Puerto Piramides can be enjoyed, including watching whales.apartment puerto madryn piramides peninsula valdes argetnine patagoniaTo access this apartment at Del Nomade there is a separate outdoor stairwell that will take you to the top floor where your eyes will be filled with nature, space and distance. Inside, each window offers a distinct panoramic view. Complete views of the four cardinal points allow for the rise and setting of both the sun and the moon without leaving the apartment. As if in the nerve center of vast Coastal Patagonia, the apartment offers views of the Golfo Nuevo, windswept sand dunes and our modest Avenida de las Ballenas, the main road that runs through our small town.apartment puerto madryn piramides peninsula valdes argetnine patagoniaIt is a short walk from any of the few bars and restaurants or either of the two access roads to the sea, where tourist concentrate for whale watching tours, the only port in Argentina where this activity is permitted.For the most part our Tourist Village and most of the hotels, hostels and restaurants have no views of the sea, just a few houses and the two access roads to the sea where the Whale Watching companies have their shops and pre-boarding areas.apartment puerto madryn piramides peninsula valdes argetnine patagoniaThe rest of our beach is protected and concealed behind a large barrier of Tamarisks that were planted more than 100 years ago, before the founding of Puerto Piramides. This line of large bushes, the size of trees, planted just above the extraordinary tidal line, has accumulated more and more sand and continued to grow over the decades, creating enormous sand-dunes topped in a layer of green and protecting our village from strong southern winds.Apartment room puerto madryn piramides valdes peninsula argentine patagoniaWith minimalist detail, plenty of natural light and large windows, harmony is forged with the surrounding landscape. A couple of small ceiling windows (Velux) allows for spying on the night sky, bathed in stars. The apartment’s space is distributed comfortably, with a large living space and restroom where the panoramic view of the bay is found.apartment_rent_terraceThis is a large, loft-like, open space with furniture and connected to a full kitchen. In the master bedroom is oriented westward, capture each sunset and connected to the master bathroom and a small changing room with a ceiling window that permits natural light and a view of the sky. The entire apartment has regulated thermic floors, warm in winter and cool in summer, which is perfect for living barefoot while inside. A large terrace embraces the north side of the apartment and can be accessed from either the living room or master bedroom.Hotel Puerto Piramides Peninsula Valdes Eco Hotel

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