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Peninsula Valdes Tides

Tides of the Valdes Peninsula are constantly coming and going. As is normal with the tidal flux almost everywhere, there will be two high tides and two low tides in the 24 hours that make up a day. The times and levels of the tides vary greatly throughout the peninsula.  The flow of the incoming

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San Pablo de Valdes Life Reserve

San Pablo Valdes Fauna and Flora Protection The Vida Silvestre foundation owns and manages a piece of land, just a few kilometers from Puerto Piramides, with 18.000 ac  ( 7,360 ha ) and bordering the coast of the Golfo Nuevo, called San Pablo de Valdes. All of the activities offered on this land are financed by the Vida Silvestre Foundation, madeRead More

The climate in Peninsula Valdes

Due to the maritime characteristics of the Peninsula Valdes, annual temperature variations are minimal, with the highs and lows in summer and winter respectively, rarely reaching extremes. Over the entire year, the average monthly temperatures vary only 50*F ( 10*C ), with a mean summer average of  64*F /46*F ( 18*C/8*C  ) in winter. In general, the

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