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Dive in “El Folias” Puerto Madryn

The Folías is a wreck that was 233 ft ( 71 m ) in length, today it is heeled over bevor 1.300 ft ( 400 m ) from Playa Parana 5.6 mi ( 9 km ) from Puerto Madryn. It can be seen from the coast because it is half-sunken. At low tide, the clayey soil where it rests is 7 meters deep and at high tide, the bottom moves 11 m away from the surface.

Diving in Puerto Madryn

Diving in El Folías – Puerto Madryn Argentine Patagonia

Diving or snorkeling in this wreck is convenient to do with the dive operators of Puerto Madryn, a local guide ensures the safety and enjoyment of an activity that can be complicated without proper guidance. Especially when it is a sunken ship in the late 1.980s, very deteriorated by salt water and the action of the tide and the winds.

Diving in Puerto Madryn

Diving in El Folías – Puerto Madryn

Undoubtedly, it is an emblem of the city and one of the oldest diving excursions in the area. Nowadays there are many sunken ships in the Bay of Puerto Madryn, but this one has access from the beach. In it, you can find fish, seaweed, cirripedes, octopus and many amazing corners to enjoy in transparent waters. On a good day, visibility can exceed 20 meters. And while there are several dive operators, and all very good and responsible, when I came to live in the area more than 20 years ago I worked in one of them and I feel a special affection for Aquatours buceo that by the way, gave us these photos to dedicate an article to this legendary underwater park.

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