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Del Nomade Eco Hotel Valdes peninsula

Welcome to Puerto Piramides

Del Nómade Eco Hotel is distinguished by its warmth
and quality of service. Creating memorable experiences.
We invite you to know Del Nómade Eco Hotel,
made by and for travelers who love and value nature.

Accommodation Options

8 Rooms in el Hotel del Nómade

8 double rooms, with private bathroom. The 4 rooms on the ground floor have a private terrace. Argentine buffet breakfast, with a wide variety of homemade products.

Hotel room Peninsula Valdes Puerto Piramides

Services included in Del Nómade Eco Hotel:
Personalized attention Bilingual staff Argentine buffet breakfast, with a wide variety of homemade products. Underfloor heating, sectorized by environment. Board games, library. Internet access wi fi (Limited connectivity)

2 Rooms at De Luna Guest House

The property offers 2 rooms with private bathroom, separate entrances, overlooking a private patio and own access to the medanos. (Does not include services within the Del Nómade Eco Hotel)

Room in Puerto Pirámides Guest House De Luna

(Does not include services within the Del Nómade Eco Hotel)

De Luna Guest House, is a simple but very cozy place.
Rates include cleaning, laundry and basic items for a simple breakfast.

1 Apartament in De Luna

Apartment with capacity for maximum 3 passengers. On the ground floor, there is a living room with a small kitchen and the bathroom with shower. Upstairs is the room with a window from where you can see the sea.

Apartment in Puerto Piramides

(Does not include services within the Del Nómade Eco Hotel)

Located in de Luna Guest House, a simple but very cozy place.
Access by stairs. Rates include cleaning and sheets, towels and blankets.

FAQ´s Frequent questions

How many days are recommended for maximum use of the destination?

The suggested time for good use of the place and its activities is 4 days / 3 nights. Many times due to the weather conditions the port is closed and the navigations are suspended and we have to wait 1 or 2 days so that the town returns to its normal rhythm. Are essential requirements: knowing or willing to learn to enjoy nature, tranquility, knowing how to dispense advertising and commercial stimuli, television, jacket and tie, and high heels and enjoy a magical environment in a very special place.

How to get to Peninsula Valdes?

Puerto Piramides is the only town within the Peninsula Valdes Reserve, also the only port enabled to pack the famous whale watching. It is located 180 km from the airport of the city of Trelew, and 100 km from the airport of the city of Puerto Madryn. To enter the reservation you have to pay a fee.
You can arrive with your own or rented vehicle; through a private transfer, travel agency or by bus. If you book your stay with us, without additional charge, we offer you our time, knowledge and contacts, to solve all your transfers according to your budget and interests, from your arrival until your departure.

Where is Puerto Piramides?

What is the best time to go to Peninsula Valdes? How is Puerto Piramides?

To see wildlife the best time is between mid-September, until the end of November. To enjoy the beach and summer, from December to the end of March.
Puerto Piramides has a little more than 500 permanent inhabitants, and it is so big that in half an hour we can walk all the way around !!! =). On foot we can mobilize without needing a vehicle. Puerto Piramides, is within Península Valdes and is the only village within the Natural Reserve.
It has a service station (gas station); mechanical assistance, medical room, ATM, food supply; telephone booth to make phone calls / use of internet and tourist services (tourist information office, hotel establishments, restaurants, regional articles stores, dive operators, kayak, and whale watching).

Fauna Calendar - Peninsula Valdes

Fauna Calendar – Peninsula Valdes

Is it necessary to have a vehicle?

WARNING: Make sure you have enough fuel to get to the village as there are no gas stations on the way from Puerto Madryn to Puerto Piramides. The Puerto Piramides service station does NOT have CNG.
Make sure you have enough cash!! The entrance to the reservation is only in cash and Puerto Piramides has only one ATM and usually runs out of money.

If you come to Puerto Piramides to enjoy the town and do whale watching, you do not need any transportation. Puerto Pirámides can be completely covered on foot. To get to the rest of the sites of interest, it is essential to have your own vehicle, hire or hire a tour. There is no public transport, along the gravel roads, of the Peninsula Valdes reserve. Without having your own vehicle, the option is to hire a car with a driver to make the excursions or to join a tour of travel agencies.

Route of Gravel in Peninsula Valdes

Route of Gravel in Peninsula Valdes

It is advisable to bring your own or rented a vehicle since there is no public transportation to the mentioned sites. If you do not have your own vehicle, the option is to hire a car with a driver to make the excursions or to join a tour of travel agencies, which we can reserve. If it is with time before your arrival in the area, even better. To be able to coordinate with the service providers and reserve the corresponding places.

News in Peninsula Valdés

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What is the advantage of staying in Puerto Piramides?

Specifically, you would save at least 124 mi (200 km) of your life, every day. The distances in Peninsula Valdes are endless. Choosing to stay in Puerto Piramides will save you a lot of time, money and life. You decide the hotel, hostel, guest house according to your budget. But this is my advice. OfRead More

Annual migration of the Right Whale

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