Outdoor Adventures from Puerto Piramides – Valdes Peninsula

Whale Watching

Whale watching puerto piramides peninsula valdes Each year the area surrounding Peninsula Valdes, from May to December, is occupied by the presence of hundreds of Southern right Whales (Eubalaena australis). Puerto Piramides is the only port in Argentina where you can embark on a whale watching tour. Aboard Zodiac style RIBs, Catamarans and Cruceros, a unique and unforgettable encounter with these giants in there natural habitat can be experienced like no other place in the world.

Kayak y Trekking

canoe kayak puerto piramides peninsula valdes When you lean towards adventure and direct contact with nature, remember that in Puerto Piramides we have activities that will keep your mind, body and soul young. Excursions in sea kayak, coastal trekking and mountain bike are organized by local, experienced guides who will get you off the beaten track, back into nature and make you feel alive.

Snorkel or Dive with sea lions

Dive with sea lions - Puerto Piramides - Peninsula ValdesWith sea lions is an unbelievable, safe and funny experience! They are sea mammals and you can find them in “loberias” ( natural places where many of them stay all together during certain time) usually small islands near the coasts or pieces of the coasts over the sea called “restingas”. The basic equipment consists in a wetsuit, snorkel , swimfins, and diving mask wich is enought to swim in those places and share the sea lions curiosity…it seems like they dance around you!! Is common to see them doing “acrobatics” with just 3/4 mts of water depth. They are really friendly while they are swimming” Dive with sea lions is the main atraction. Puerto Piramides and its surrounding waters are considered a temple for diving in Argentina.

Riding horses and Mountainbike

Ride horse Puerto Piramides Peninsula Valdes Riding horses or riding a mountainbike on sea cliffs, dunes and beaches, including guanacos whales or background is a luxury that is only offered in Peninsula Valdes.

Excursions in Peninsula Valdes

Peninsula Valdes - Argentine Patagonia Personalized wildlife tours are offered. Excursions and transportation in Peninsula Valdes a with guided interpretation of the local and unique eco-systems. Visit the South American Elephant Seal, Sea Lion and Magelanic Penguin colonies and see Guanacos, Darwin’s Rhea and the Elegant Crested Tinomon along side the dirt roads. To visit the three most important geographic regions and the animals that habitat these areas you will travel some 300km over dirt and gravel roads.Due to local conditions and difficult access it is recommended that someone who knows the area drives, and in any case, drive slowly.

Photographers and Film Makers from around the World Puerto Piramides is central station for those who come to film and photograph the natural beauty of this unique natural world heritage site and Del Nomade Eco Hotel was created with the needs of these people in mind. We have thought through every detail the photographer, camerman or screen writer will need many plugs for recharching batteries, constant tempature control and locking closets for more comfort and security.


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Sun and Sand

Sol y Playa en Puerto PiramidesThe micro climate of  Peninsula Valdes offers its beaches up for enjoyment and exploration during several months of the year. From December through March, summer in the southern hemisphere, Puerto Piramides and its beaches are known as an excellent tourist attraction. Summer is the dry season and the uninterrupted sunny days begin between 5 and 6 in the morning and sun setting later than 9 in the evening. Although this is an area known for its winds, the natural protection that the bay of Puerto Piramides offers means that navigation and water sports are possible in the bay of Piramides much more than in other parts of Coastal Patagonia. Even though the months of May through August are cold, from September to April the climate is favorable, more so than in the rest of Patagonia. There are many beaches, varying in size and dimension. Keep in mind the huge tidal change that can offer from more than a kilometer to just a few meters of accessible sand, depending upon the beach.

Hotel en Puerto Piramides - Servicio exclusivo en Peninsula Valdes

If you wish, we can assist you about whale watching schedule, rates, and we can book you seats without additional charge, just feel free to contact us delnomade@ecohosteria.com.ar, and we also can help you and giving you all the information about transfers, rent a car, and many more.

*Due to the great influence the winds in this part of Patagonia have on maritime activities we recomend that you organize your stay, allowing for at least a few days in our town. This way you can insure your possabilities for an excellent experience.

UNESCO Heritage - Peninsula Valdes

Natural World Heritage- UNESCO –

Outdoor Adventure- Puerto Piramides - Peninsula Valdes
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Outdoor Adventure- Puerto Piramides - Peninsula Valdes
Outdoor Activities from Puerto Piramides - Peninsula Valdes Whale watching, adventure kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, snorkeling with sea lions, trekking. Valdés Peninsula has something to offer to you
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