Hotels in Puerto Madryn and Puerto Piramides

The offer of hotels in the city of Puerto Madryn and our town Puerto Piramides is varied. Peninsula Valdes, has these two localities as indispensable for the tourist offer. The first, a town of 85,000 inhabitants, located outside the Protected Area.

Hotels Puerto Madryn / Puerto Piramides – Peninsula Valdes

The second, a small tourist village of 500 inhabitants, within the World Natural Heritage (UNESCO 1999). Each has its particular attraction, but without a doubt, Puerto Piramides, being in a small bay, surrounded by geography full of skin and having only one main street and very few constructions, keeps a romanticism and a charme, out of series.

view of the moonrise in Puerto Piramides

The few hotels, and other accommodations, such as hostels, hostel, rental houses, add a little more than 500 beds. There are very few options, although it has camping is enabled only in the summer. At night when everyone returns to their house, the town has a firm peace.

Puerto Piramides summer beach and whale watching in winter

January is exceptional, where the campsite overflows just like the tourist village. The move is very big, and the little town alters the peace of the rest of the year with an overflow of heat and agglomeration on the beach and in all its corners. During the camp, thousands of young people and families from Rawson, Puerto Madryn, Trelew, Comodoro Rivadavia, and the Chubut river valley. A traditional annual meeting in the area to which you know that in January you must come prepared psychologically. The beach has a more rocky tune, with music shows, which contrasts with the decibels of the other months of the year, where the sound of whales and sea lions.

Hotels and accommodation in Puerto Piramides – Peninsula Valdes

Our hotel is Del Nómade, inaugurated in Puerto Piramides in December 2008, in a short time, instead of gaining a place of honor in the hotels of the region for the attention certified by our clients in the comments on or TripAdvisor and It is also recognized in the hotels of the country, for having won the first Green Hotels contest in Argentina.

Hotels and accommodation in Puerto Piramides – Peninsula Valdes


Other options to stay in the town, are the hotels and accommodations offered by the official website of the town in its Hosting Services section in Puerto Pirámides, there you will find all the hotels, hostels and accommodations enabled by the municipality.

Hotels and accommodation in Puerto Madryn – Peninsula Valdes

Now if you come wanting to live city life, Puerto Madryn is ideal. The offer of hotels, bars and restaurants is proportional to the 3.1 mi ( 5 km ) of coastline that surround the beach. In this link access to the hoteles and  accommodations authorized by the Municipality of Puerto Madryn through its site Madryn Travel, they recommend, for a good stay is essential to have a good accommodation, the city offers different options, focused on your totality to the quality of the service for the satisfaction of the guest.

Puerto Madryn Beach Summer Peninsula Valdes

The long hot days guarantee many hours of sunshine. Two options on the Atlantic coast, to enjoy in summer. Beach, vacations and an unforgettable Argentine Patagonia.

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