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The right whale, a rare beauty

The forms that whales have in general are really very different from any other living being and their size cannot be compared to that of our species. But despite being the morphology so different from ours, anatomy brings us closer to this monumental species of being alive.
Humans share a certain kinship from some characteristics with the greatest beings on the planet. We are both mammals, that is, vertebrates, warm-blooded with hairs and mammary glands. According to scientific discoveries, we descend from a common ancestor. dating back to the end of the Triassic, more than 200 million years ago. Knowing this significant family bond allows us to recognize an important affinity with mammals, including marine mammals.

Look of a right whale in Puerto Piramides Peninsula Valdes

Look of a right whale

Adults reach up to 56 ft ( 17 m ) in length and as in other species of the genus, the females are larger than the males, to be able to breed the young inside their body, after the gestation. These animals can weigh more than 50 tons and as auxiliary data newborns are 16 ft ( 5 m ) long.

whale watching in Peninsula Valdes

whale watching in Puerto Piramides – Peninsula Valdes

Just by comparing the ratio of the head of the whale that represents a third of its entire body and that of the human of just one eighth, it is easy to understand that the difference between species is tremendous. The vast majority of marine animals focus their perception of a world that rests horizontally in a cold, watery environment, and the head is the first thing that advances when propelled with the tail.

southern right whale baby jump in Puerto Piramides Bay Peninsula Valdes

Southern right whale baby jump in Puerto Piramides Bay

Smooth and elastic skin of dark coloration, wraps around your body, in whale calves, it is usually clearer than that of adults and examples are quite common with white spots on the belly and occasionally on the back. Under the skin, which constantly renews, they have a thick layer of fat, with a thickness of between 5.5 in ( 14  cm ) and 13in ( 35 cm ) that varies according to the area of the body and the season of the year.

The line of the mouth is strongly inclined and the face is arched, it is very narrow when seen from above. In the right whales, there is no trace of the dorsal fin as with the blue whale or the humpback whale. His back is smooth and wide. The fins are large and up to 5.6 ft ( 1.7 m ) long, the tail fin can measure 4 meters in span.

Southern right whale baby jump in Puerto Piramides Bay

Southern right whale baby jump in Puerto Piramides Bay

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Southern Right Whale Tail in a Sunset in the Bay of Puerto Piramides

Southern Right Whale Tail in a Sunset in the Bay of Puerto Piramides

In its external respiratory system, the right whale has 2 spiracles or nasal orifices, arranged in a V shape instead of just one like the killer whale. This characteristic allows identifying these giants of other marine mammals by means of the image that forms the exhalation of the air of their lungs. This mass of air when leaving with power flies the little water accumulated in the nasal surface of the hermetically sealed blowhole, until the exact moment of the exhalation. In a moment it expels a volume of 800 gals (3,000 liters ) of air, leaving a fleeting drawing in the air in the shape of a V and a characteristic audible sound several kilometers away. The trace of respiration is relatively short, V-shaped so that this species can be identified from a distance, especially if seen from the front or behind.

breathing of a calf with his mother

The breathing of a calf with his mother in Puerto Piramides Bay

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