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The right whale, a rare beauty

The forms that whales have in general are really very different from any other living being and their size cannot be compared to that of our species. But despite being the morphology so different from ours, anatomy brings us closer to this monumental species of being alive. Humans share a certain kinship from some characteristicsRead More

Annual migration of the Right Whale

The whales visit Peninsula Valdes between the months of June and December. They have a large space in the ocean where they circulate throughout their lives, well-defined areas for their migrations of autumn and summer, covering thousands of km. In the autumn, they move to the north, it is the time of mating and breedingRead More

Photographers in season of Whales and Orcas

Whale Watching season creates intense seasonal activity y Puerto Piramides and Peninsula Valdes. Waiting during the offseason for the whales to arrive and the possibility of navigating Golfo Nuevo in their presence wakes the adventurous appetite in all of us. Either by large Catamaran, small boat, or in the new innovative semi-submersible Yellow Submarine, providing underwaterRead More

The whale breastfeeds her calf

Female whales reach sexual maturity at five or six years of age, and according to studies provided by the Patagonia Natural Foundation, the reproduction rate is one calf every 3 years, knowing that the gestation takes place in a period of approximately 12 months. , plus one year of suckling of the breeding and anotherRead More

The mating between whales

The mating of the Southern Right Whale, or courtship, happens with several males and a courted female, which is enclosed by the sides by 2, 3 or more males. The mating of the whales may take more than a day and the female, to avoid being copulated, is placed on her belly, a position that

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The callosities of the right whales

The calluses that the southern right whales have in different parts of the head, at first glance are strange, especially when one sees this whale species for the first time and does not even know where the head is and where the tail is. These clear and rare patches help create an animal with veryRead More

ICB Whale Conservation Institute

“Southern Right Whales of Argentina” is an educational documentary film by Chris and Genevieve Johnson. It explores the natural history and ecology of Southern Right Whales in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina, examining the complex relationship between humans and whales, and the effect of a changing marine environment of the southern hemisphere. “Southern Right Whales of Argentina” highlightsRead More

Birth of Whale, a photographic document with history

I want to document a right whale birth !!! It is a phrase that I heard my friend and colleague Luis Pettite say, during practically a decade and a half, many but many times. I must admit that although I consider myself optimistic, I constantly disarticulated his dream and told him, but that is very

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Among the 10 best places in the world to see whales

According to National Geographic, one of the best places in the world for whale watching is Peninsula Valdes. It is good to be told by someone from the outside because it maintains objectivity that we who live here have already lost. Precisely because every day we are surprised by the number of whales we seeRead More

The power of the Whale Tail

The tail or caudal fin of the southern right whale possesses one of the most powerful natural forces of the animal kingdom. He shows this in every jump he takes, by taking 3/4 of his body out of the water of more than 40 tons. The caudal fin is formed by a fibrous tissue that

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Roger Payne and the whales

In 1970 Roger Paine, here in Peninsula Valdes,  Patagonia Argentina, discovered that he could be individually identified by photographs of the whales from the head´s calluses patterns. That was the beginning of the program of Southern Right Whale Research. Currently, this program is the study of longer duration in the world based on whale photo-identification.Read More

A little bit of history about Man and the Whale:

The Southern Right Whale is a warm-blooded living being that has suffered man’s industrialization of the world’s natural resources. For hundreds of years, they hunted whales, sea lions, and many other animal species, in order to use their fats, dissolve it to obtain the oil to make candles and place in the lanterns that illuminatedRead More

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