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Safety in Peninsula Valdes Routes

Driving on gravel involves not going more than 37 mph (60 km / h ) and not touching the brake when cornering. Inside Peninsula Valdes, there is no internet sign, except near Puerto Piramides, When there is no cell phone signal, communications are possible thanks to 4 emergency telephones placed strategically along the different roads to Punta Norte, Caleta Valdés and Punta Delgada.

Telephone of aid in Peninsula Valdes - SOS

Telephone of aid in Peninsula Valdes – SOS

Its use is very simple, it is only to press the button for 2 seconds and it communicates with the Police, and in a minute that there is the connection, the person must indicate what is his location and what was the incident that he had.

Puerto Piramides has a Volunteer Fire Department, a Rural Hospital, which has 24-hour assistance. They instruct and assist the population and visitors on road safety and health, within Peninsula Valdes.

You must obey the traffic signals and enjoy this beautiful World Heritage Site. With patience and time, you guarantee a day without problems and many kilometers of stories to live and tell.

-Here I leave the Map Guide of Península Valdés in PDF format.

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