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The skin change of the Elephant Seals and the Satellite Tracking on the high seas

This species has the characteristic of changing the skin, the molting season begins in November and lasts approximately 5 months until it ends in March. In that period you can observe the animal with spots due to that natural process.

Caleta Valdes orca patrolling an

Caleta Valdes orca patrolling an elephants seals colony

Thanks to the technology used by scientists, it can be known, through a device placed on an animal, in this case, an elephant seal and its subsequent satellite tracking, the route that this marine mammal makes in its food cycle, always returning to Peninsula Valdes.
Researchers of the CENPAT, through these devices, register information, every four seconds, on physical-chemical and geographical parameters. They can know the trajectory of elephant seals in the middle of the ocean and also know in real time the temperature and salinity of the bodies of water through which it transits.

I share a video about a very interesting conference by Claudio Campagna about the importance of creating protected areas not only for elephant seals but for all marine species

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