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What is the best time to see whales in Puerto Piramides?

In September, October, and November, Puerto Piramides becomes the fundamental base for whale watchingWhales, depending on whether they are mothers with offspring, males or females without breeding, have different behaviors. The females that calved, they are observed with the calf, much more skinny than when they arrived and the bigger and daring pups, they begin to move away from their mothers, join with another calf, play, and jump. The female whales that did not breed, are coveted by the males that harass them among several, creating one of the most extraordinary love courtships in nature. These behaviors are closely observed in whale watching embarking from Puerto Piramides, the only port of whale watching in Peninsula Valdes.

What is the best time to see whales in Puerto Pirámides?

Whale watching from Puerto Piramides within Peninsula Valdes

The mating of the Southern Right Whale, or courtship, happens with several males and a courted female, which is enclosed by the sides by 2, 3 or more males. The mating of the whales may take more than a day and the female, to avoid being copulated, is placed on her belly, a position that she can hold for a few minutes because she needs to breathe.

Mating behavior in Puerto Piramides Bay

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The gestation period is 12 months, followed by a further 12 months of suckling the calf and another 12 months gestation. The whales do not have multiple births, producing only one calf with each pregnancy. Births occur mainly between August and late October. Whale milk is oily and has a viscous consistency because it has more than 50% fat and 12% of proteins, allowing the calf grow between 2 and 3 cm daily, twice its size at the end of the feeding, after a year.

What is the best time to see whales in Puerto Piramides?

That is why Puerto Piramides is ideal, between September and November, to see whales. The distance from Puerto Madryn is 100 km and that makes you lose valuable time and become more expensive whale watching. Sleeping in Puerto Piramides is the best alternative. Also, being a small town of 500 inhabitants that lives on tourism, the nights are dreamy, with only one main street that runs through the town, you can walk in minutes. Travelers from all over the world gather in this small village year after year. Puerto Piramides invites you to walk calmly, at any time of the day, night or dawn, along the beach and its corners. A tourist village, surrounded by unreachable horizons A destination where it is easy to escape from the electric lights that try to extinguish the infinity, illuminating the street. The beach and the dunes become ideal places for contemplation in absolute solitude and silence. The power of nature is demonstrated in every corner.

Puerto Piramides town

Puerto Piramides town within Peninsula Valdes

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