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Elegant crested tinamou

The Elegant crested tinamou (eudromia elegans) is a species of particular compost, it is a trekking land bird, which is only a case of pursuit, a short flight, prefers the immobile and remains immobile, mimicking the vegetation of the place. Take frequent dust baths. We saw that the website of the birds of Patagonia and a very complete explanation. Here we transcribe a few lines to enter the subject. The female of the Elegant crested tinamou has a male harem, stable and the incubation of the eggs, is in charge of the males. The beginning of one at a time, the female performs the posture of 14 eggs (maximum) in the nest of a male. After the spawning, he begins to visit the nest of another male. This is completed between seven and eight years in the breeding season. A remarkable fact is that one of the males is lost by predation in any number of eggs, the female first replenish the loss, to continue then attending to other males ».

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