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How to Reach El Doradillo from Puerto Madryn

The protected area finds its starting point at the coastal geographic feature known as Punta Arco, located about 12.5mi ( 20 km ) from Puerto Madryn. It spreads through an area parallel to the coast covering 1.9 mi ( 3 km ) wide and about 16 mi ( 25 km ) long, including Punta Ameghino, the popular dwelling place for the southern sea lion, to Punta Prismático, where the coastal circuit of the Provincial Route 42 ends, reaching a total area of 18.200 ac ( 7360 ha ). Access should be made by car, taxi, and organized tours – the adventure lovers in good fitness might also bicycle to get there. There is no bus service to reach those shores. Some adventure privileged arrive in motor homes.

El Doradillo beach is an extensive coastal area divided into 2 large sectors, the first coming from Puerto Madryn is a sandy beach that ends in some fences and the second is of the boulder, with more depth from the coast. These 2 sectors are divided by a point with a beacon. The second is the place where the whales are very close.

The adventure lovers in good fitness might also bicycle to get there.

The road has different accesses to the sea, each one has its charm, but the 1st and 2nd of Las Canteras Beach, after the Punta Flecha beacon, is the ideal place to see whales from very close, between May and October.

whale with her calf in Peninsula Valdes

Different entrances to El Doradillo Reserve

  • Punta Arco Punta Dorado
  • 1st Entrance to the beach
  • 2nd Entrance to the beach
  • 3rd Entrance to the beach
  • Punta Flecha
  • Las Canteras 1st Entrance to the beach
  • Las Canteras 2nd Entrance to the beach
  • Bañuls Beach
  • Punta Ameghino
  • Casino Beach
  • Garipe Beach
  • Cerro Prismático

Cormorants in Punta Prismatico

Las Canteras Beach – El Doradillo

Naturally, ‘the whale’ is the greatest tourist attraction of this natural reservoir, but it is not the only one. The steppe is home to vital flora and fauna – plants nestled in immense biodiversity barely noticed by who quickly passes through this desolate semi-deserted area.

motor home el doradillo puerto madryn

Motor home in El Doradillo Puerto Madryn

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