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When to see orcas in Caleta Valdes?

The killer whale season in Caleta Valdés is also unpredictable, between October and December the orcas visit the elephant seal colonies, searching for the offspring of elephant seals that are distributed along the coast. Spring, from the southern hemisphere, has the Peninsula Valdes flourishing infauna. The high season of penguins, whales, birds, elephants seals and sea lions, ensure the full encounter with wildlife.

Caleta Valdes: Orca near a colony of elephant seals.

Caleta Valdes: Orca near a colony of elephant seals.

The female elephant seals from the beginning of September to the first days of October, come from months of being in the open sea to give birth in the coasts of Peninsula Valdes. The pregnant females are the first to arrive and distribute among the 500 harems of elephant seals in the 125 mi ( 200 km ) of the marine coast of Peninsula Valdes. There are around 20,000 specimens that arrive on these coasts throughout the season. The pups are breastfed for approximately three weeks, increasing 9 lb ( 4 kg ) of weight per day. After which they are totally independent of the mother. When the baby is 2 and a half months old, he is ready to enter the sea and get his own food, which will become the diet of his whole life, made up of octopus, squid and other fish. This is the moment when orcas appear in action.

killer whales attack marine elephants in caleta valdes

Orcas attack elephant seal in Caleta Valdes

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Here I leave the link of the Updated Daily Report Peninsula Valdes, ( It is only in Spanish, but you can see the time. The translation of low tide is Marea Baja and high tide Marea Alta ) Made by the Administration of the Natural Protected Area. In it, you will find the time of high tide in Punta Norte, Caleta Valdés and also the conditions of the roads and the weather forecast among other data.

Orca attacks sea elephant Caleta valdes

Orca attacks sea elephant Caleta Valdes

After a road of 112 mi ( 180 km) from Puerto Madryn of which 47 mi ( 75 km ), are gravel or just 50 mi ( 80 km ) from Puerto Piramides, you reach the Caleta Valdes Reserve, within the protected area. It opens its doors from 8 AM, until sunset.
There are no buses that cross the gravel roads of Peninsula Valdes, if you are without a vehicle you have to arrive with the excursions that depart from Puerto Madryn or Puerto Piramides.
n the Orcas season, much of the adventure is to travel the roads of Peninsula Valdes. And if you are a fan, like most of those who come this season, you will go 2 or more times to Caleta Valdes and if you think that in your case it is not like that, I assure you that the social environment makes you feel that you have to go back to go the next day, or you’re going to miss something important. If you stay in Puerto Piramides, you would pay the entrance to the Reserve only once, given that the town is within the Peninsula Valdes and you would travel 125 mi (200 km ) less every day !!

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