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Photographers in season of Whales and Orcas

Whale Watching season creates intense seasonal activity y Puerto Piramides and Peninsula Valdes. Waiting during the offseason for the whales to arrive and the possibility of navigating Golfo Nuevo in their presence wakes the adventurous appetite in all of us.
Either by large Catamaran, small boat, or in the new innovative semi-submersible Yellow Submarine, providing underwater views, you will board in Puerto Piramides, the only authorized port for whale watching in Peninsula Valdes, Argentine Patagonia.
In honor of the Argentine saying “God makes them, and Puerto Piramides brings them together!”, Del Nomade Eco Hotel is the corner where nature photographers and cameramen will be found in Puerto Piramides. An ecologically friendly hotel designed by and for photographers, where each room is made comfortable with thermal regulated flooring and electrical plugs in abundance, for recharge batteries.

Del Nomade Eco Hotel Puerto Piramides

Andres Bonetti and I at the entrance of Del Nomade Eco Hotel

Fortunately, during the waiting months when there are no whales in sight other seasonal encounters offer alternatives for the adventure photographer. Yes, in Peninsula Valdes there are other animals and wild savage nature, outside of whale season, to be observed, photographed and to stimulate your senses.

Del Nomade Eco-Friendly Hotel

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The National Geographic team guest in our hotel

The National Geographic team guest in our hotel

Aside from whales, nature and wildlife photography in Valdes Peninsula includes, amongst others species, Orcas, Penguins, Elephant Seals, and Sea Lions, the last of which can be experienced up close swimming or diving with them throughout the year.

To make this documentary, of killer whales hunting offspring of sea lions, National Geographic stayed with us for two weeks. Alejandro Avampini, owner of this hotel and wildlife photographer, collaborated as an assistant in the attack channel in Punta Norte. It is not the only filming group that chooses us, NHK, TBS vision, NTV from Japan among others, have chosen our accommodation to stay.

From September through April the Peninsula Valdes is home to a number of important and large marine animals. Whales abandon the area in December, migrating towards their feeding grounds far from Peninsula Valdes, but many other species remain.

Adventure photography in Peninsula Valdes

Adventure photography in Peninsula Valdes

This particular situation puts Puerto Piramides, with its 500 inhabitants, at the heart of the Peninsula Valdes Nature Reserve and World Heritage Site, the epicenter of activity for documentary film crews and nature photographers.
Aside from several colleagues that live in Puerto Piramides and work in the realm of nature photography, the rest of the locals capture some amazing images as well, taking advantage of the good fortune that surrounds them in this unequaled natural environment.

photographers Expeditions to Peninsula Valdes
The numerous groups of professional photographers and agencies that frequent the destination in their annual expeditions, choose our hotel, over and over again. Trust the safety of the equipment they use, the logistics of their company and are satisfied by the quality of our service.

Amos Nachoum, a genius of animal photography

Amos Nachoum, a genius of animal photography, also choose our hotel

The photographers are the ones that usually find a different point of view through their lenses, unveiling natural beauty from another perspective, and exposing glorious moments frozen in an image for all of the time.

Photographer Orcas Season

Orcas Season Punta Norte

The constant advances in technology make their presence felt all the time in Peninsula Valdes. Television production crews like Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic, and others from around the world arrive each year with the latest in imaging technology to document wild nature with the best definition and techniques possible.

Orcas Season Punta Norte

3D technology present in the Orcas season attack channel

At Del Nomade Ecological Hotel there are visitors whose annual return over the course of many seasons, has made them a part of Del Nomade. Two of these regulars are Ana Ponce and Belen Etchegaray of FNA (Argentine Nature Photography), who come each and every whale season with groups of amateur nature photographers. They use this incredible destination to put into practice the techniques they have learned in the FNA photography classes.

Nature Photographers in our Eco Hotel - Puerto Piramides - Peninsula Valdes

A fascinating world for those with a passion for nature, wildlife, and the sea. This unique place of adventure is the ideal ground for nurturing the seeds of liberty and filling one’s senses with freedom.

Whale watching, only from Puerto Piramides

Whale watching, only from Puerto Piramides

The evenings are shared with colleagues, friends, tourists, whaleboat captains and guides in the several bars and restaurants that are scattered throughout our tiny town. The day’s adventures are shared around the table at night, all a part of the same story. “Guanaco” artisan beer pub and restaurant are one of these meeting places. With pizzas, pasta and a variety of artisan beers on tap and in bottles combined with a warm, inviting and adventurous environment this is one of the places I recommend for nature lovers and wildlife photographers alike.

Comer en Puerto Piramides

Dinner with friends after a day photographing whales

Before heading off to your room to sleep, I suggest a walk along the beach, with small waves breaking and the occasional breathing of a whale as a background soundtrack and the milky-way blanketing the night sky, bringing to a close a day far from the norm.

Tipical night in Puerto Piramides

Tipical night in Puerto Piramides – Peninsula Valdes

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