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How to get to Birds Island from Puerto Madryn?

How to get to Birds Island from Puerto Madryn? The Bird Island Reserve is located on Route 2 after entering the Valdes Peninsula. A 7 km from the booths where you paid the entrance, there is a roundabout. The first access is to the Visitor Center. A museum can take a screenshot of the regionRead More

Touring the Birds Island Reserve

Birds Island touring the reserve The Birds Island Reserve has a large fixed binocular, allowing visitors to move-in close to the action while not disturbing or altering the bird’s reproductive behavior during their spring and summer residence. Birds Island Reserve Peninsula Valdes The color of their feathers are acquired by the food they eat, that’sRead More

The birds island that is not an island

The birds island...that is not an island The tidal shifts are so large in Golfo San Jose that when the tide goes out a spit of land connects the “island” to the continent. With the low tide coming twice a day a person could walk across without even getting their ankles wet, tramp the islandRead More

Isthmus Ameguino Museum of Peninsula Valdes

A desolate road occupied by wild animals, unique to the landscape of these latitudes, serves as an introduction to the Valdes Peninsula. 4.3 mi ( 7km ) after passing the control booths and entrance to the Peninsula, a large round-about offers access to the Visitors Center. Here a small and well-maintained museum exhibits a general viewRead More

Birds Island Reserve from its beginnings

Birds IslandA little history To provide context, a brief historical base is necessary before delving directly into the importance and beauty of the “Bird Island” nature reserve, a biological Pearl of Peninsula Valdes that rests, embraced on all sides by the magnificent Golfo San Jose Chubut has been a pioneering province with respect to conservation inRead More

A historical record of the colonization of Patagonia

A bit of history about the colonization of Patagonia. This image represents just one small corner of Patagonia, a landscape illuminated by the warm glow of sunset reflected upon the small chapel at Bird Island, a replica of the one that stood at the San Jose fort in an early attempt at Spanish colonization. IsolatedRead More

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