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The Shared History of the Sea Lions and Man

The coastal sea lion population was greatly affected as a direct result of the killing of these animals for their skin and fat. In the Valdes Peninsula alone, more than 260,000 sea lions were massacred from 1917 to 1953. During this same time frame, the number of sea lions processed is Argentina was well over oneRead More

Basic Geology of Peninsula Valdes

Characteristic to the geography of the Valdes Peninsula are high cliffs and extensive rock reefs that harbor cobblestone, gravel, and sandy beaches. Numerous small bays and islands help to complete the picture of this coastline. Formed from sedimentary rock, over the slow geological process that took millions of years, accumulating and consolidating stratus layers into

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Birds Island Reserve from its beginnings

To provide context, a brief historical base is necessary before delving directly into the importance and beauty of the “Bird Island” nature reserve, a biological Pearl of Peninsula Valdes that rests, embraced on all sides by the magnificent Golfo San Jose Chubut has been a pioneering province with respect to conservation in Argentina thanks to aRead More

Brief history of Puerto Madryn, to this day

On July 28th, 1865 a group of 150 Welsh immigrants stepped down from the sailing vessel ¨Mimosa¨ on the shores of what is now Puerto Madryn. This is the date now understood as the founding of the city, and its name, in homage of Loves Jones Parry, the Baron of Madryn at that time inRead More

A little bit of history about Man and the Whale:

The Southern Right Whale is a warm-blooded living being that has suffered man’s industrialization of the world’s natural resources. For hundreds of years, they hunted whales, sea lions, and many other animal species, in order to use their fats, dissolve it to obtain the oil to make candles and place in the lanterns that illuminatedRead More

A historical record of the colonization of Patagonia

This image represents just one small corner of Patagonia, a landscape illuminated by the warm glow of sunset reflected upon the small chapel at Bird Island, a replica of the one that stood at the San Jose fort in an early attempt at Spanish colonization. Isolated and alone, set to one side of the visitor’sRead More

Puerto Piramides, a town with history

More than 100 years ago the number of people living in Puerto Piramides was much larger than its current population. In a few sentences, I will try to make a simple recapitulation of this century of history. During the early 1.900s, salt mining and extraction brought a large labor force to the peninsula, an activity

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