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How to get to Punta Piramide from our tourist village?

To know this Reserve that is only 3.1 mi ( 5 km ) from Puerto Piramides, there are 5 options to get to Punta Piramide, 2 for water and 3 for land. By water, it is with the nautical summer trips that turn into whale watching between June and December. In kayak with the daily summer excursions of Patagonia Explorers. By land, it can be by vehicle, by trekking, or by mountain bike tours offered by Blood Traction ( Tracción a Sangre).

In vehicle by Peninsula Valdes

In vehicle by Peninsula Valdes

The most comfortable is to go with your own vehicle, it is also the one with the least degree of adventure. The second one is on foot, it is reached after a very healthy walk along a path that leaves from Puerto Piramides to the reserve, it is a one-way trip of approximately one hour, being able to appreciate and photograph from the cliffs and bleachers, the infinite beauty of nature.

On mountain bike tours by Peninsula Valdes

The last 2 are by the sea. One option is to go on a boat for nautical tours, a service offered by the operators that in the winter season perform whale watching. In summer, this tour that some operators include snorkeling in the sea, a very enjoyable and entertaining excursion with a good dose of adventure, visiting the sea lions colony in Punta Piramides, also they going through the fossils cave to see the eras of sea snails from millions of years ago that are part of the ground that we tread.

Nautical Excursions from Puerto Piramides

Nautical Excursions to Punta Piramide

In a kayak excursion, the trip becomes incredible. This form of displacement without motor allows to move silently without altering the behavior of the colony of sea lions and appreciate the life of these spectacular animals, in maximum freedom and from a very close distance. Sea lions are accustomed to the visit of humans and as long as it is from the water, or at a safe distance from land, their behavior is not modified, they only look at us, as if they were on a human sighting excursion.
On the way back, a dip in the waters of a desolate beach is a refreshing option to calm the intense summer heat. The transparent waters of this small bay, are fully enjoyed, that is why swimwear is essential. In the kayak locks, you can bring a towel and objects, the company also provides a carrying bag, photo cameras, suntan lotion, and other non-submersible objects. They are 3 hours crossings. If you come to Puerto Piramides, nature will invite you to adventure in the most diverse options, enjoy this healthy connection with creation. Far from the madness that we define as everyday life.

Kayak excursion to the Punta Pyramid wilderness

Kayak excursion to the Punta Piramides sea lions colony

This corner of the world is also inhabited by colonies of two species of Cormorants and South American terns.
On nautical excursions, you will pass very close to them. Without interrupting their peaceful behavior, both tourists and professional photographers are amazed by the environment that accompanies the incredible fauna. Each angle is a photographic composition of wild nature.

cormorants of Punta Piramide

One of the colonies of cormorants of Punta Piramide

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