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Tricolor Phalarope

The Tricolor Phalarope (Phalaropus tricolor), is a migratory bird that comes from the Northern Hemisphere and here they have winter plumage, but its name is due to the color that it displays with the summer plumage that you saw in the other Hemisphere. They can be seen in lagoons turning around in circles, they do it

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Southern Martin

Southern Martin (Progne modesta) is a migratory bird that reaches the Valdes Peninsula in spring accompanied by its enjoyable song and normally observed in groups. This species can be observed in many areas throughout the American Continent with a migratory route that extends over thousands of kilometers. It is a bird that calls little attention

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Burrowing Owls

The Burrowing Owl commonly excavates a burrow at the side of fields or by roadsides. Should the entrance become blocked for whatever reason, it will excavate another burrow at the edge of the field. The nesting season runs from October to December. The chicks hatch in 28 days. During hot spells, they can be seen

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Elegant crested tinamou

The Elegant crested tinamou (eudromia elegans) is a species of particular compost, it is a trekking land bird, which is only a case of pursuit, a short flight, prefers the immobile and remains immobile, mimicking the vegetation of the place. Take frequent dust baths. We saw that the website of the birds of Patagonia and

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Patagonian mockingbird

The Patagonian mockingbird (Mimus Patagonicus) is a bird native to America, has an incredible song for the melodious and varied repertoire coupled with an innate ability to imitate sounds. Its plumage is grayish pulling the ocher on the back and lighter feathers on the neck and chest, is a characteristic feature. It is common to

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Long-tailed meadowlark

The long-tailed meadowlark (Sturnella loyca), lives in open places in Valdes Peninsula. In spring and summer breeding season, they live in pairs nest in the ground and the female lays 3 to 4 eggs. Here in Puerto Piramides, usually they perch on bushes behind the dunes of Del Nómade Eco Hotel. They feed on fruit,

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Burrowing Parrot

They are usually seen on Peninsula Valdes during the spring and summer months. It mates for life and nests in cliffs. They dig a deep burrow in which 2 to 5 eggs are laid. The eggs hatch in late December. The Burrowing Parrot is very colorful and has seven colors in its plumage. On Peninsula

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Turkey vulture

The turkey vulture is a bird of the vulture family, which can be found all across the Americas. In the different countries of the continent, it has different names, such as buzzard, aura, or just vulture. In Península Valdés, it is one of the largest of the vultures, with a red head, blackish plumage, more

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Black Chested Buzzard Eagle

The Black Chested Buzzard Eagle (Geranoaetus Melanoleucus) is a fast hunter that occupies most of the South American Continent from Venezuela to The land of Fire and the Beagle Channel. This is a diurnal bird that occupies, in relatively small numbers, the Valdes Peninsula. Black-Chested Buzzard Eagle chicks in the nest Their nests are foundRead More

Variable Hawk

Also known as “Ñanco”, it can be seen throughout the Valdes Peninsula. The males measure up to 48 cm and the female is slightly larger, reaching 52 cm. The plumage is grey on the back, with a white underside in adults. Its’ most distinctive feature is a black stripe down the tail. Juveniles keep their

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A historical record of the colonization of Patagonia

This image represents just one small corner of Patagonia, a landscape illuminated by the warm glow of sunset reflected upon the small chapel at Bird Island, a replica of the one that stood at the San Jose fort in an early attempt at Spanish colonization. Isolated and alone, set to one side of the visitor’s

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