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How many days are recommended for maximum use of the destination?

21% VAT RETURN on accommodation… know more Del Nomade Eco-Friendly Hotel 2 nights %10% off Rate does not include 21% VAT for foreigners * Access our Direct Booking promotions. We will gladly answer your question +54-9-280-463-5649 e-mail: info@ecohosteria.com.ar * To be exempt from this 21% VAT… Per national law, a 21% room tax must be paidRead More

Penguins in Peninsula Valdes San Lorenzo Ranch and Punta Cantor

The San Lorenzo Ranch, located within Peninsula Valdes, with 4600 meters of coastline on the waters of the San Matías Gulf, has one of the largest and continuously growing penguin colonies in the Argentine Patagonia. The penguins Arrive in a mate and raise the chicks more than 200,000 seabirds. This Penguin Colony with an annualRead More

Penguins colony of Punta Tombo

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Punta Tombo is a narrow stony strip of 3 km long and 600 m wide that enters the Atlantic Ocean, more than a million penguins, nested annually in this provincial fauna reserve. Despite being the largest continental colony of Magellanic penguins in the world, in recent seasons, there has been a decline in the population,Read More

What is the advantage of staying in Puerto Piramides?

Specifically, you would save at least 124 mi (200 km) of your life, every day. The distances in Peninsula Valdes are endless. Choosing to stay in Puerto Piramides will save you a lot of time, money and life. You decide the hotel, hostel, guest house according to your budget. But this is my advice. OfRead More

The penguin and its adaptation to the sea

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The penguins are birds perfectly adapted to marine aquatic life in low temperatures. For this reason, the shape of the body is hydrodynamic, molded for a better displacement in the water. The break of the penguins is flattened on the sides, very strong, long and curved at the end. These characteristics make it an excellentRead More

The penguins, the nest and their amorous courtship

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Penguins are animals that usually form lifelong partners, although it seems that the female is the one who decides to continue or not to follow each new breeding season. The work that the male, first to arrive at the beach in September, made in the reconditioning of the nest that they left in March isRead More

Penguin eggs and the birth of chicks

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The penguins nest up to approximately 2600 ft ( 800 m ) from the coast, but because of the morphology of the soil, their walks from the coast to the nest can be more than 3.300 ft ( 1 km ). The females usually lay two eggs at the beginning of October and after 40 days of

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Conservation and the anonymous Heroes

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I will take advantage of this space to keep our collective memory alive and bring to mind a unique story. A collection of newspaper clippings from a bygone era helps us remember a fact that marked a milestone in the history of the preservation of fauna in Argentina, known as “The Battle of the Penguins”.

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Are male Penguins and females alike?

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The penguin’s males are barely larger than the females, have longer and wider beaks and a more pronounced forehead. The male weighs around 8.8 to 11 lb ( 4 to 5 Kg ) and measures 18 in ( 45 cm ). They reach sexual maturity at 4 or 5 years old, both sexes. Every year at the

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Feeding the penguin offspring

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The diet of the penguin offspring, in this first stage is based on anchovies that the parents eat alternating in the sea and regurgitate once back in the nest to each of their chicks, who put the whole head inside the throat through the peak of their parent and eat rations permanently, ensuring the metabolism

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Where to sleep in Peninsula Valdes?

The best option is in Puerto Piramides Del Nomade Eco-Friendly Hotel 21% tax refund Just with us! * Add discount with coupons and save money in your accommodation. Discount coupons We will gladly answer your question +54-9-280-463-5649  info@ecohosteria.com.ar Del Nomade Eco Hotel is located in Puerto Piramides, opens its doors at the best time ofRead More

Magellanic penguins

The Patagonian coast has many penguins throughout the extension. They vary in a number of members and species. Within Peninsula Valdes, there are 7 colonies of Magellanic penguins. the best known are two, one immense and the other small. The first is the penguin colony of San Lorenzo Ranch 46.6 mi ( 75 km ) fromRead More

Scientists studying penguins

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Many Penguins that are seen in Punta Tombo, San Lorenzo and in all the Penguins have metal rings, with a unique number on one of their wings. This identification distinguishes them and allows to know the age and study them as the season's pass. Some of these specimens that are ringed have something over 35Read More

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