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Maps to travel Peninsula Valdes without Internet

Driving on gravel involves not going more than 37 mph (60 km / h ) and not touching the brake when cornering. Inside Peninsula Valdes, there is no internet sign, except near Puerto Piramides, that's why we dedicate this article for you to use in this adventure. You must have the cell phone battery charged! RoadRead More

Details to be considered

We recommend you bring enough money in cash. In Puerto Piramides there is an ATM, it is normal that it is out of service. In addition, most of the shops and hotel establishments do not work with credit cards, we do. Bring clothes suitable for the weather, in winter the temperatures are low and above

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How to get to Punta Norte?

After a road of 180 km from Puerto Madryn of which 75 km, are gravel or just 80 km from Puerto Piramides, you reach the Punta Norte Reserve, within the protected area. It opens its doors from 8 AM, until sunset. There are no buses that cross the gravel roads of Peninsula Valdes, if youRead More

The penguin and its adaptation to the sea

The penguins are birds perfectly adapted to marine aquatic life in low temperatures. For this reason, the shape of the body is hydrodynamic, molded for a better displacement in the water. The break of the penguins is flattened on the sides, very strong, long and curved at the end. These characteristics make it an excellentRead More

The orca’s viewpoint of Punta Norte

The Viewpoint ( El Mirador ) is the meeting point for all tourists and visitors. Every year there are more interested people who come to know the orcas in their interaction with sea lions and The Punta Norte Viewpoint is the point of convergence. The hour is the one established by nature. Two hours beforeRead More

The penguins, the nest and their amorous courtship

Penguins are animals that usually form lifelong partners, although it seems that the female is the one who decides to continue or not to follow each new breeding season. The work that the male, first to arrive at the beach in September, made in the reconditioning of the nest that they left in March isRead More

Penguin eggs and the birth of chicks

The penguins nest up to approximately 2600 ft ( 800 m ) from the coast, but because of the morphology of the soil, their walks from the coast to the nest can be more than 3.300 ft ( 1 km ). The females usually lay two eggs at the beginning of October and after 40 days of

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The attack channel of Punta Norte

If Punta Norte is an obligatory destination for lovers of wildlife, the attack channel, in Peninsula Valdes – Argentine Patagonia is the official box of natural attraction. Access to this area is restricted to documentary photographers who can pay the perm to photograph the attacks of Orcas to sea lions, from a point of view almost

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Park Rangers dedicated to orcas

The Park rangers crew was created by the province of Chubut, on September 29, 1967, it works in the more than 400,000 hectares that make up the 11 Natural Protected Areas of the province of Chubut. Some of these men and women left and continue to make their mark in the Punta Norte Reserve. ToRead More

The mating between whales

The mating of the Southern Right Whale, or courtship, happens with several males and a courted female, which is enclosed by the sides by 2, 3 or more males. The mating of the whales may take more than a day and the female, to avoid being copulated, is placed on her belly, a position that

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The Guanacos (Lama guanicoe), are mammals, relatives of llamas belonging to the order of the camelids, they carry with humility the title of being the largest terrestrial vertebrates of Patagonia. This beautiful animal species was before the arrival of the white man, a fundamental ally for the survival of the indigenous people who inhabited Patagonia,

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Sheep in Peninsula Valdes Argentine Patagonia

With the colonization and development of the zone, new animals arrived, one of them was the sheep that to be able to raise and commercialize them they used inventions such as wire fences, private property and their consequent parceling of lands. The guanaco was displaced by this strategy of production of sheep wool and came

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Wildlife Calendar in Peninsula Valdes

More than 2,000 southern right whales visit Peninsula Valdes. Between April and June, they begin to arrive and leave by the end of December. Peninsula Valdes is considered the largest maternity in the world for this species and other marine mammals. More than 500,000 Magellan penguins arrive every year in September to live the reproduction,Read More

The sea lions mothers, defend pups from the orcas

The attack of orcas to sea lion pups is sometimes hampered by the presence of the mother sea lions that stand in the way of the orca that sneaks underwater. With the intention of not being seen, the orca stealth that is often perceived by the fin that appears in the water, other times if

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Conservation and the anonymous Heroes

I will take advantage of this space to keep our collective memory alive and bring to mind a unique story. A collection of newspaper clippings from a bygone era helps us remember a fact that marked a milestone in the history of the preservation of fauna in Argentina, known as “The Battle of the Penguins”.

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The callosities of the right whales

The calluses that the southern right whales have in different parts of the head, at first glance are strange, especially when one sees this whale species for the first time and does not even know where the head is and where the tail is. These clear and rare patches help create an animal with veryRead More

Commercial center of Puerto Madryn

The coast of Puerto Madryn is 3.1 mi ( 5 km ) long and for me, it is one of the most beautiful in Argentina. In the panoramic photo, I took advantage of the clock of the traditional Hotel Playa to show the clarity at 9:44 PM. Puerto Madryn just starts turning on its lights, on aRead More

Whale Maternity in Puerto Madryn, El Doradillo

The weeks prior to the launching of Whale Watching Season, the amount begins to be more numerous in the 2 gulfs that form the Peninsula Valdes. Daily the number of whales in Puerto Madryn and the entire coast, up to Puerto Piramides is increasing. Whale watching in El Doradillo beach of Puerto Madryn The fallRead More

ICB Whale Conservation Institute

“Southern Right Whales of Argentina” is an educational documentary film by Chris and Genevieve Johnson. It explores the natural history and ecology of Southern Right Whales in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina, examining the complex relationship between humans and whales, and the effect of a changing marine environment of the southern hemisphere. “Southern Right Whales of Argentina” highlightsRead More

Patagonian hare

Often referred to as the Patagonian hare (Dolichotis patagonum), the Mara is a large rodent that exists only in Patagonia, can reach up to 70cm and is easily distinguished from the European Hare by the White marking near the tail and its small ears. They are monogamous and often several pairs will raise and protectRead More

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